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Five Tone Tips




Here are five of our most popular blog articles from the last several years covering everything from string wrapping to tips for brushing up your playing. 




What Is Top Wrapping?

There's a standard way of stringing a Les Paul or other stop tailpiece-equipped axe, and it works perfectly fine. And so it should! The darn things were designed to work that way! But there’s another method that some players swear by, often called ‘top wrapping.’ This is a simple trick which anyone can do, and it’s totally reversible... Read more




Fine Tuning Passive Humbuckers

It's been said the best things in life are free, and I find that saying is never more true than when applied to getting a better tone from our guitars. With so many products on the market that claim to improve guitar tone in one way or another – from fancy new picks made from exotic materials, to super-rare new old stock amplifier tubes... Read more



Polarity & Phase Made Simple

Every pickup coil has two properties that affect how they will sound when they are combined with others. These properties are called phase and polarity. Phase is the direction current travels through the pickup, and polarity is the direction of the magnetic field. With both properties, there are only two options... Read more



How To Nail The Gilmour Sound

David’s most famous guitar is his black Strat. This is the guitar you are hearing on the classic Pink Floyd albums of the seventies and early eighties. Modifications to the guitar include a shortened tremolo arm, internal shielding, and a small recessed switch that adds the neck pickup to any selected configuration.... Read more



25 Ways To Improve Your Playing

It isn’t fun to get stuck in a rut. Sometimes you can chase the musical muse down the metaphorical rabbit hole and get wedged in there, unable to back out or to go any deeper. It can feel pretty frustrating, and at a certain point a rut can discourage you from playing altogether. Or maybe you’re not in a rut: maybe you just want to get better, and fast... Read more



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Lead Guitar Secrets


The Scale That Will change Your Life


Pentatonic Scale Secrets


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