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I am a software developer for both website and mobile apps,
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I develop Next.JS Websites, they are my speciality and am skilled at developing, enhancing,


integrating and supporting front end HTML-JSX, JSON, Responsive Website Design, and


MongoDB Atlas websites. I use Next.JS with CSS, Bootstrap, W3CSS, and TailwindCSS


resulting in displays for computers, tablets, and cellphone display equally. I also have


React.JS experience for api and RESTful access database by MERN, MongoDB, Express.JS,


React.JS, and Node.JS technologies. I develop and support an end to end software lifecycle


across the entire software development of gathering, analysis, design, coding, testing, and


deployment. Applications include eCommerce, personal, business, portfolios, informative,


and accounting web databases. I am flexible and can move quickly from draft mockups into


web languages. I have a real passion for the end-to-end solutions that drive the user


experience and customer satisfaction from website database to mobile platform interactive


display experience.

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