Swift TableView RESTful API to database

The Apple Swift Language UITableView is the bread & butter of tons of iOS apps. Combined with access to a web service, it’s the core of apps from Mailbox to Twitter/Tweetbot to Facebook, even Apple’s Notes & App Store apps.

An API call returns JSON, and sets up a table view to display it. This API returns paginated data we’ll also implement loading the next page of results as the user scrolls down.


This app was built using Cocopods libraries,  It uses Swift 2.2, Xcode 7.3, iOS 9, Alamofire 3.3 and SwiftyJSON 2.3.

Reference: GitHub (Swift2.2_REST_Tableview branch).

Source:  Hooking Up a REST API to a Table View in Swift

 February 22, 2015