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About The Developer

My Self-summary

I am educated, creative, and likes to have fun. I graduated from Cal Poly in 1986 as an 
Engineering Technologist and have a talent of writing about technical aspect and describing them to the consumer. Also I am athletic, want to play ping-pong or tennis and just wants to play ! Let's go to the beach, restaurants, concerts and enjoy what life has to offer !


What I’m doing with my life

I write software, both websites and Apple App Swift software

Socialize and meeting people in my personal life.

I’m really good at

Having fun, adventuring, and enjoying life !

I design and develop Wix and FullStack Responsive websites for a living.  I am a good photographer and musician love the internet, great food and people !


Favorite books, movies, music, and food

I am good at being kind, having fun, and keeping it together !

I like reading and seeing the Internet, photography, computers, people, and code

Favorite website:

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