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Website Software Development

Information Technology

Our vision is to bring people together for pleasure and work. Our Computer Software, Apps and Website networks is our contribution to the world of entertainment through information technology, marketing, music and art productions. We are proud to present our work as exclusive one of a kind product no other single company can provide. 


Computer Technology And Handheld Displays

We make websites and apps for business and personal entertainment. Our software operates on all types of computers and Apple iPhone, iPad and Android Cellphone and Tablet devices ! We write software code for desktop computers, portable laptops, handheld tablet devices, cellphones, and even electronic personal watch jewelry. We make using the Internet profitable and easy !


Our experience in Internet software development for websites, social media, and eCommerce surpasses most many other authoring companies. It is our efficiency, skill, and mastery of computer science that allows us to write great code for the Internet for you whether it is for your pleasure, profit, or just organizing your life or business. 


We use the most popular programming languages. We use Full Stack React.JS technology. It utilizes HTML5 / CSS3 as JSX files. We can develop php/MySql, Microsoft Azure, Jquery, AJAX, Wix Templates, and many social media websites. In addition we use Google Adwords and additional techniques so you can find us from all the other websites. Using any search website you can point to each single item in our stock so we can ship it to you! We have customers from Russia, Canada, and the rest of the world.  We only ship within North America.

Everyone has handheld cellphone computers in their pockets everywhere. Many more people have full sized computer screens, televisions, laptops, and desktops. A computer is versatile for people and families. A information encyclopedia, game machine, information shopper, a banker and accountant information and much much more. Harness computer software and harness computers ! Let us write you full stack database software.

We started in 1987 developing eyeglass measuring machinery, both contact stylus and non-contact image camera systems, we applied for Small Business Innovation Research, SBIR Phase I funding and was turned down. We also submitted patents we wrote and drew and even those was too costly to fund without acceptance. I continue to persist in research and develop software for the next phase which was internet websites.


In 1992 we incorporated and begun submitting corporate trademarks for The ProductList Network and The ShopperLady.  We own the intellectual property and to this day are developing phase two Full Stack Next.JS development of front end and database information systems. I was hired by American Telephone and Telegraph for thirteen years while search the whois database for domain names. We have nearly a hundred names. See our current public display in this website.


We make people money !


Our eCommerce websites provides a way for people in business to make money. Without physical real estate or buildings. eCommerce is really a type of real estate, the domain name, software website, and a means for marketing goods to people everywhere twenty-four hours a day.


It's easy to make money

using the Internet for eCommerce

Your customers can purchase items from all over the world with delivery from your wherehouse to homes and businesses. Advance your business with a eCommerce website, its like a money machine directly into your bank account. You buy the items and customers deposit money directly.



eCommerce - How we started


From 2013 - 2016 we marketed some of the world's best musical instruments from Anaheim, California using and Our website is still our property and it is a nice colorful website. America produces some of the world's most important musical instruments. American Fender, Rickenbacker, and Gibson except for Yamaha make the best guitars, bass, electronics, and musical instruments compared to any other country including Japan and anywhere else in the world. The market during that time and location made it easy for us to create a business. We are proud to have made a mark and create profits ! 

With eCommerce you can sell anything during all hours of the day and night. Our Next.JS software for eCommerce has the potential to suit your needs for selling items. We also have clone databases of Amazon, Twitter, AirBnB, and more. Your clients can reach you buy electronics, homes, and cars from our detailed database information technology with multiple photos and videos. You can reach people using our software for your profitable business ventures.

eCommerce webs make MONEY !  


List your products and we can sell them by the Internet. We make websites ranging from medium to large web we make HTML5/CSS3 websites !  We have scripted menu systems, image content, and media delivery containers for your website. 


We make database driven websites ! From large to huge volumes of information we can get your information to display fast, be interactive, and color so people will visit you website over and over.  We have full stack clones of many existing popular websites and our own original designs using Next.js for has advanced eCommerce buying by your clients.



James Avakian, Engineering Technologist

President and Founder, New Product Software

Optical Automation, LLC


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