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Internet Domain Ownership


Domain names are important, only one person can own each name. No one else can own that name, they have control regarding what information is display. The domain name is a pointer a place on the Internet that people identy with and visit again and again. Especially dot com domain names are more easily remembered, since people, visitors, only have to remember the name and not the extension like dot net, dot us, or a hundred others !


Optical Automation is the registered owner for hundreds of domain name. We buy them and pay for them, their annual cost rate from registrar companies. You can find them on the Internet, the most known is Network Solutions, but they have costly annual rates.  As long as you have paid for them you have exclusive of each name.  People remember you and your work by your domain name ! 

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Optical Automaiton, name text and artwork logo are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and are corporate prorperty owned by Optical Automation Invcorporated.


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