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React.JS Research

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Lead Developer Background

Full Stack Websites

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The Importance of eCommerce

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Responsive Websites

Optical Automation Corporation Development

Progress, Work Experience, and Background

May 2021 - to present,                    .
more than a year, ongoing

November 2019 - to present              .
3 years, ongoing

October 2020 - January 2021           . Comprised of Six Sections, We are developing one place to search and enter private personal and business information. This includes text, images, and video media to searve as a reference, personal information collection, and business planning.  Six website and a Shell dashboard serves to provide fast QRcode and NFC fast mobile and computer full size Responsive Website Design.  We have design in initial development inception deployment.

ReactJS / Next.JS Development, website network Research and Development, Full Stack, Next.JS and React.JS production. By use of Apple computers and multiple screens our Next.JS deployment has exceeded our expectations.

We adopted NFC electro-magnetic tag and QRcode software access for personal portal access to the inside of your network "My Universe" software information.  

We specialize in Next.JS front-end website technologies. From this our product development has included a second version Network to  include The ShopperLady for a single all encompassing single network named for consumers and business. 

Software Bootcamp, attendee. Gain formal academic certificate for ReactJS and JavaScript software development for professional performant website programming creativity.

January 2017 - October 2019

Xamarin Development, This period of our development primarily includes our Research and Development for Microsoft Xamarin, iOS and Andriod software app development.

June 2015 - December 2017

Apple Swift Development, Along with our decade long past of C++ and HTML, we get professional with Apple Swift language iOS app development. Using Apple Xcode as an editor we develop our Trademarked ShopperLady app for sale.

January 2013 - May 2016

January 1999 - to present
23 years, still ongoing

GoodDayMusic eCommerce. Purchase procurement and retail sales of American Musical equipment. Our gear included purchases from eBay of guitars, bass guitars, drums, recording and sound reinforcement equipment.

By hand, create, and box product by industrial cardboard box to ship instruments by Fedex nation wide. Shipping equipment to and from Reverb.Com,  eBay, and Craigslist marketing sales.

Our national sales organization really took off. People love musical instruments both in California and many different states. We sold Two Hundred Thousand of retail sales and paid expenses living working in Anaheim, California.

January 1986 - to present         
36 years, still ongoing

Wix Website Development. Drag and Drop object component and text generation for multiple website themes. Started The ProductList Network from ShopperLady and SnappyList creation. the BrandedSeries set of websites for a pictorial website display.

To this day, twenty-five years of continued Wix Software Website development, we have a library of websites and it grows as a collection of design and development creativity.

September 2004 - June 2005             .

January 2002 - October 2002

June 2002 - to present,

twenty years, ongoing

May 2000 - January 2013

September 2003 - December 2004           

January 1987 - to present                    .

Novem 2013 - Nine years ago          .

January 1986 - to present                    .

January 1992                                      .

January 1992 - January 1995,           .
3 years 

January 1992 present day                .
30 years

January 1986 - January 1989         .

Search and Buy, Domain Purchase. Buy as many unique domain names. Perform Whois on multiple names weekly to make a unique collection of Internet names.

Twenty-five years of research and domain name purchase. We rely on the uniqueness of our Internet document names.  To this day we still search and buy great names!  They feed our Trademark name list of creative products.

Macmaromedia Flash, Development, Passed two community courses for Flash Animation. Attend northern California Diablo Valley College for animation button components and product animation video movie authoring.

C++ Development, Sunnyvale Software Conference. Learn at a conference C++ programming  


HTML Website Development, Make interesting CSS3 and HTML5 web pages.

DUI, Anaheim, California

Employment at American Telephone and Telegraph, El Segundo Field Technical DSL home installation. Relocate employment ATT National Technical Support, T1 provisioning and maintenance department. Thirteen years, May 2000-2001,

U.S. Trademark Development, We submit and are gain acceptance, Optical Automation Logo and Optical Automation Text, and ShopperLady logo U.S. Trademark formalized and submittal.


ShopperLady product introduction and HTML, php, and MySQL software product introduction.  Relating to shopping and list development by computer and handheld displays.

Relocate From Santa Barbara to North Hollywood, After leasing renters in my home from 1980 to 1992, financial gains and tax submittal assist to develop our creative business products.

Grants, product design and Submittal, drew mechanical drawings by pencil and paper. Submit, National Science Institute, National Eye Instittue, NASA, ARMY, and Commerce Department Phase I, $ 50,000 grant proposal submittal.

Optical Automation Incorporated, inception, Our business development classes and government grant courses led to our corporation business development.



Patent Document Development

Software and Hardware, Prototype, mechanical design ...

We want to invite people into our company. We would love to tell you our story and how it relates to yours. We have a full background regarding Software Development to offer your and your business. We develop Full Stack software responsive to all computer and handheld displays.

Please access our document presentations from this page as information that is pertinent and important to the Software Development industry.  These topics raise important issues as we have the tools to solve them. We appreciate your input and communication.


Thank you,


James L. Avakian, President and Founder Software Developer

Optical Automation, LLC

"Information At The Speed Of Light"

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Optical Automaiton, name text and artwork logo are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and are corporate prorperty owned by Optical Automation Invcorporated.


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