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If you are looking for a web design service in Southern California we can help. We are experts at web design and can create or redesign any website into the perfect blend of beauty and functionality.



What is Website Design and What Does It Do for My Business?


All sites are NOT created equal. Website design today is largely a push-button, out of the box operation and just because you might have an IT department, tech genius on staff, friend in information systems or even someone who can design a website – it does NOT mean they can design it for ranking well in the search engines or converting visitors to leads and customers.

To put in another way – just because someone knows how to build a hospital doesn’t mean that person knows how to operate on someone.


Bottom line: your site’s design has a major impact where you show up in Google, how customers feel about your business, how they interact with your business once they land on your site and if they convert from visitors to leads to customers.



4 Keys To Web Design For SEO Success


There are four keys to web design services that you must have for a site to be designed properly:


1. Great content
2. Proper structure
3. Beautiful Design
4. Conversion



Great Content


Like I mentioned on the SEO page, your content has to relevant and useful to the end user. Google has gone on record as saying they want to be the repository for the best information in the world on the subjects their users are searching for.


Google tracks how long people stay on your site, so if someone puts in a term related to your business, then lands on your site and leaves in ten seconds because your site content didn’t grab him, Google notes that and bumps you down the ladder.


If someone lands on your page and the content makes them stay – or even navigate to more pages related to what they are looking for – Google sees that and rewards you by ranking you higher and sending you more traffic.


Your content has to be well laid out, easy to read and consume, relevant and useful.



Proper Structure


I mentioned this on the Search Engine Optimization page as well but bottom line is the design of your website behind the scenes must have a specific format and layout or you simply will NOT rank in the search engines.


Think of it like a great book with awesome stories – but no title; just a blank cover. Unless you open the book, you have no idea what the book is about. Same thing with Google; if you have relevant and useful content but not the indicators to tell Google what the content is about, it’s like your website is blank to Google.



Makes the Right First Impression


Your website is like your clothes – if you are dressed sharply, wearing a suit and tie with impeccably shined shoes and looking like a million bucks, you will be viewed accordingly. On the flip side, if your hair is messy, you are wearing a faded t-shirt with holes, board shorts, flip-flops and you need a shave, people might think you are a beach bum.


Your website needs to portray the image you want it to; it needs to be clean, uncluttered, easy to read and easy to navigate. While it does NOT need to be designed to win any advertising awards, there CANNOT be anything on the site that takes away from the user experience.


Your site also needs to look good and be functional on all platforms – desktop, smartphone and tablets (this is called a responsive design). This is simply non-negotiable, especially if you are a locally-based business and the chances are great that someone is visiting and navigating your site using one thumb. Taking it a step farther, Google announced in April of 2015 that it will be penalizing websites in the search engines that are not mobile friendly. This means if you want traffic from Google, you MUST be mobile-friendly.


We have a team of designers that are experts in designing elegant, clean, fast websites that portray your business positively online.





For business websites, this is where the rubber meets the road.


A website that gets a million visitors a day and converts none of them to leads, sales or customers is worthless (unless your business model is to sell advertising on your website).


The #1 goal of your site is to create leads and convert them to customers.You want to take visitors by the hand and walk them step-by-step through a pre-determined path from visitor to lead to customer. This is done by the design and layout of your site along with your content. This kind of process is called direct response marketing.


We are experts in direct response copyrwriting for the Internet and direct response web design. We will build or redesign your site so that it pre-qualifies your visitors and leads them down a funnel to become a customer.


If you are ready to take the next step and get a website that blends branding, optimizations and conversions, go to the Discovery Form and fill it out. We will contact you in 24 to 48 hours.




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