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Internet Radio Broadcasting
Genre  Music Production
                           Internet Radio Channels
                                 Rock           Rock
                                                    Classic Rock
                                                    Blues Rock
                                                    Reggae Rock
                                                    Acoustic Female, Rock solo, Rock band
                                                    50's Rock n Roll
                                 Jazz            Straight ahead Jazz
                                                    Jazz - Rock
                                 Funk           Rock
                                                    Break Dance
                                 Classical    Bach, Vibraphone and Violin / Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
                                                    Acoustic Rock Guitar
                                                    Flute solo
                                                    Percussion Ensamble
Marketing of music for retail busines listing by the following:
Retail clothes stores
Retail Electronics
Automotive Dealships and Parts Departments
Motocycles Dealers
My proformance and licensed artist distrubution using my computer Internet networks.

Cool Jimmy Music Distrubution

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