Students learn to play basic rock music and record it using professional equipment ! 


     Musicianship and Recording Engineering Production, Training and Education 
           Video          Part one - Learn to  play music and record by your own computer,
                                     Drums, Bass, and Guitar  ( types Rock, Blues, Jazz standard jamming )
           Video          Part Two - Learn to record using, the history and today digital recording by                                                                          Apple Computer, GarageBand,
           Hands-on training, student play standard music or their own music. $ 30 / hr

 Cirriculum:   Learn to  play and record music.


  Section One - " The Art of Making Music", Learn how to play music "


     Introduction - Music Types and Appreciation


                       What is music ?

                       Rhythm and melody with singing

                       Instruments, and how to play, fingering, chords, playing lead, playing bass.

                       Genre, samples of each


                          Rock           Rock

                                                    Classic Rock

                                                    Blues Rock

                                                    Reggae Rock

                                                    Acoustic Female, Rock solo, Rock band


                                                    50's Rock n Roll


                          Jazz            Straight ahead Jazz

                                                    Jazz - Rock



                          Funk           Rock

                                                    Break Dance


            Part One - Piano, Beginner 


                      Hand and food coordination, Count beats and measures.

                      Reading music, understanding and counting beats and measures

                      Warm- up scales and

                      Triads, fingering and notes of scale

                      Harmony, I, IV, and V, Rock and Jazz II, V, and I 

                      Rock beats, Drum Fills, Play with all arms and feet at least quarter notes

                      Jazz and Jazz Rock beats and rythms.  


            Part Two -  Drums, Beginner and Intermediate


                      Hand and food coordination, Count beats and measures.

                      Hand Percussion, Tamborine, Wood sticks, Cow Bell, Triangle, and more. 

                      Warm- up rudiments, paradiddles, practice

                      Rock beats, Drum Fills, Play with all arms and feet at least quarter notes

                      Jazz and Jazz Rock beats and rythms.  


            Part Three - Bass


                      Parts of instrument, how to tune by digital tuner.

                      Notation, Music reading, and Counting Beats and Measures.

                      Plicking versus slapping.

                      Box pattern, Pentatonic scale

                      Rock and Jazz music playing


            Part Four - Guitar


                      Parts of instrument, how to tune by digital tuner.

                      Notation, Music reading, and Counting Beats and Measures.

                      Warmup excercises

                      Upward and downward strumming

                      Pentatonic scale

                      Rock and Jazz music playing



   Section two - 

        Recording Engineering, "The Art of Recording Music"


            Introduction - Recording Music, Analog and Digital processes and tools


                      Apple Computer and GarageBand and ProTools

                      Windows versus Apple Computers, software and hardware

                      Initial discussion History of recording by Analog tape and Digital tape 

                      Music Quality and tools available, Digital recording



            Part  One - Identify recording components


                      Identify tools, analog interfaces, microphones, cords, plugs, adapters, stands, mic          

                              amplifiers, and USB analog interfaces, 

                      The input-output preamplifiers and amplifiers

                      Instrument Electronics, wiring of Guitar, Bass, Electronic Drums, and Synthesizers         


            Part Two -  Discuss the recording and playback process


                      Complete analog process, handheld and reel to reel machines.

                      The process, analog and digital recording music by computer

                      Today's home musician, handheld and computer recording.

                      History and today’s equipment, From Musician to Retail Customer - Home and Professionals


                                 Playback music systems, Pre-amps, Amplifiers, and Passive and Active Monitor Speakers. 

                                 Eight track, cassette, Reel to Reel, Compact Disk, VHS Hi-Fi, DVD, and Computer files

                                 Computer analog versus digital processing, DACs, PCM, and DSD 64, and DSD 128

                                 Ultimate PCM to PCM, hand on machines, end to end highest quality processes and 


            Part Three - Analog and Digital recording - Recording Engineering


                    How to record by,

                            Computers, GarageBand, Record and add tracks

                    How to add tracks, editing, and naming projects..

                    Reel to Reel Stereo, Four and Eight track Reel to Reel tape machines 

                            Multi-track Digital tape machines


                    Record music, students play their instruments           

                    Record rhythm then melody.

                    Left and right side and panning recording.

                    Mixing music in GarageBand / ProTools, standard, Analog to Digital computer recording.     


           Part Four - Music Product and Master creation


                   Record a master two track stereo tape and file,

                   Discuss the quality and capacity per machine and technology,

                   Use the following tape machines to create a demo tape,


                            Create a Cassette,

                            Create a CD Rom,

                            Create a MP3 files and CD disc,

                            Create a PCM DAT cassette,

                            Create and format, both an PCM Digital eight track and Analog stereo master tapes,

                                   ADAT VHS High Performance tape,

                                   RHTAS VHS High Performance tape,


                        Discuss PCM, DSD 1, and DSD 2 recording technology.

                              Use of onboard USB DAC music processors.


           Part Five - Ultimate Quality multi-track recording, entire process, from initial mix to master 


                     PCM to PCM, full quality machine recording.

                            Alesis, ADAT to ADAT to Tascam DAT machine mastering.

                            Sony / Tascam, RHTAS to RHTAS to Tascam DAT machine mastering. 


                     From multi-track mix, PCM Digital ping-pong and storage

                            Students final exam, graduate by making full PCM Digital process master stereo recordings.  


By use of Internet Video Broadcasting and Live education

Learn To Play And Record Music

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