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Play As You Pay

The wait is over. Start playing now with Play As You Pay!

With the Play As You Pay Installment Plan, you can get the gear you want now, and spread the cost across multiple payments.

Approval couldn't be simpler -- just select Play As You Pay during checkout. There's no paperwork, and zZounds never charges you interest!

Use your own payment card to make the first payment up front, and we'll split the remainder into approximately equal monthly installments.


How do I qualify for Play As You Pay?

Most orders over $249 qualify for our four-payment plan, and depending on the items and amount you order, additional payment plans may be available. Check on product pages and in your cart to see what payment plan(s) your order is eligible for. To qualify for Play As You Pay, in addition to the information that we require for all orders, you must provide a U.S. billing address, Social Security number, and active email address.


What are my payment plan options?


Plans Available Now

4-Pay: Split up to $3000 of your total order into 4 payments on most orders over $249.

8-Pay, available now on select items: Split up to $3000 of your total order into 8 payments when you purchase qualifying items. See individual product pages for item eligibility.

12-Pay, available now on select items: Split your total order into 12 payments on qualifying items. For qualifying items under $3000, 12-pay plans are limited to $3000 in total merchandise. For qualifying items over $3000, 12-pay plans are limited to $4000 in total merchandise. See individual product pages for item eligibility.

Promotional offers can be removed or changed at any time without notice, and other restrictions may apply to individual offers including but not limited to restricting the amount an individual may finance, restricting product eligibility and restrictions on combining payment plans with other offers.

Wondering which plans you're eligible for? Questions about any of our payment plans? Please read on or call 1-800-zZounds and we'll be glad to help.


Installment Payment Plan Agreement

zZounds Music LLC has agreed to bill you for your order in installments subject to the following conditions. Please review this Agreement in its entirety.

Shipping charges, processing fees and taxes, if applicable, will be added to your initial payment.

The merchandise total for your order will be split into approximately equal payments. Some variation in payment size may be necessary in order to make the payments evenly divisible, but the variations will not be more than a few cents.

The initial payment will be charged to your payment card at the time your order ships.

Subsequent installments will be charged to your payment card at approximately 30 day intervals for the length of the agreement.

To use a gift certificate on a Play As You Pay order, you must submit the gift certificate at the time you place the order. We will subtract the value of your gift certificate from your order total and split the remainder of your balance into equal installments. Please note that you may not apply gift certificates to your monthly installment payments.


What about interest or fees?

A one-time processing fee will be charged based on the size of your order:

Order Total4-Pay Processing Fee

Less than $600$3.95

$600 to $1,000$5.95

More than $1,000$9.95

Order TotalAll Other Payment Plans

Less than $1,000$14.95

More than $1,000$17.95

zZounds Music LLC will not charge you interest on your purchases.

Purchases made via the Installment Payment Plan are limited to $3,000 in merchandise unless otherwise noted. If your order exceeds the maximum amount for the payment plan selected, the remainder will be added to your initial installment. A total of three installment plans may be active concurrently.

Payment must be made with payment cards issued by VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. Only orders shipped to the United States are eligible for this program.

By proceeding with your order, you agree to maintain sufficient funds on the payment card you have provided so that subsequent installments can be billed to that card. If the card expires or is replaced, you agree to notify zZounds Customer Service and supply an alternative card with the necessary funds available. If a charge cannot be made on your payment card for any scheduled installment, zZounds may charge you a late payment fee of up to $15 per installment.

The decision to offer you the Installment Payment Plan may be based on information requested from a credit reporting agency. Upon written or email request, zZounds Customer Service can provide you with information on the credit agency used for the purposes of the zZounds installment Payment Plan program.

Certain items are excluded from the Installment Payment Plan, including but not limited to all gift certificates.

If you do not agree with the terms of this agreement in its entirety, you may cancel your order. Or, if your order has already shipped, you may return it unopened and unused within three days of delivery without cost or obligation by contacting zZounds Customer Service at 800-493-3945. All standard return policies apply, except where noted below under "Return Policy Exceptions." See for our return policies.

In the event the purchaser defaults on this agreement, the purchaser will be responsible for any and all reasonable collection costs, court costs, attorneys' fees, or any other expenses incurred in the collection of this debt.

The Installment Payment Plan offer is governed by the laws of the State of New Jersey.


Payment Plan Return Policy Exceptions

In the event that you want to exchange an item purchased on the installment plan for a different item, you must first return the original item to us. Once we receive it, we will apply a credit for the full price of the item to your existing installment plan. You may then purchase the replacement item via a new installment plan or a single payment order. All applicable shipping charges and fees will apply to this new order.

A return is typically processed within 2-4 business days (M-F) of delivery at our location. You are obligated to continue making payments as scheduled, until the return is processed and the plan is adjusted or closed. You will receive an email confirmation of status "Return Processed - Refund Issued" once the unit has been processed; this is your confirmation that the credit has been applied. You may view your 'My Order' page for updated plan balances and schedules once the item(s) is processed. This exception does not otherwise change our return policies.

In the event that you receive a defective or damaged product, please notify us immediately, and we will email you a prepaid return label:


  • If you want an identical replacement for the defective or damaged product immediately, we will authorize your credit card for the full price of the replacement item before shipping it to you. We will not redeem the authorization as an actual charge unless we are unable to track your return shipment to us within seven days.

  • If you do not want us to place an authorization on your credit card for the full price of the replacement item, you must return the damaged or defective product to us before we will ship you a replacement item. We will email the label immediately upon request. The replacement item will not ship until we have confirmed the original item is en route to our warehouse via



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