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ReactJS Websites

Since 2019 I begun development with front end ReactJS and NextJS development. Recently in 2022, I completed a ReactJS certificate course for frontend development. Below are samples of my work.

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Latest Titles,    

One,         MyOneUniverseMega1, Initial Design, 2020, (NextJS, TailwindCSS), deployed on Vercel
Two,         SoftwareFrontDoorWebsite, (ReactJS, CSS3, Firebase-Authentication), deployed on Netlify
Two,         Tip Calculator,  (ReactJS, CSS3), deployed on Netlify
Three,      Button Control, (HTML DOM, CSS3), deployed on Netlify
Four,        Tag Info, (HTML DOM, CSS3), deployed on Netlify
and NextJS Form, (NextJS, ...), deployed on Netlify
Six           Github Information, (ReactJS, < Hooks, API call), deployed on Netlify
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