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My One Universe.Com

A complete end to end personal and business information network. Developed using NextJS  Computer Websites. This network shares data between Apple SwiftUI apps by SwiftUI programming for MacOS - Computer, iPad, iPhone, TV, and Watch iOS app access.

The Many Parts of MyOneUniverse.Com

Dashboard: /

NFC tag accessible,

QRcode accessible.

Network Parts:


           American life explained

II.   ShopperLady

          Planning, buy lists, reminders, and goals

III.  MyPersonalOrganizer

           Photo, mementos, goals, personal info database

IV.  MyBusinessOrganizer

           Business inventory, expenses, and more

V.   MyTechnologyHouse

This network is a fully Responsive Web Design for automatically screen displays available for all sized computers and hand held devices - watch in development.

Network Dashboard access single page Universal QRcode and Auth0 login direct to your account and file information.

QRcode app, Your personal energency information, all network access,  favorites, information status, date, and more dashboard.  Points to all

See Product Videos of each product section

This network accessible by Dashboard ( and domain names. For personal and business information including Internet Entertainment.

Developed as a Full Stack Next.JS network make entirely of hand written Next.JS, TailwindCSS, MegaMenu, and more. 

Network mobile apps written in development using Apple Computer SwiftUI.

My One Universe

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