We are developing many project websites. This is one of them.

Project name 01

Optical Automation Website

Great websites take time new use Next.JS to deploy are information using the Internet.

Project name 02

James Avakian Website

His work and research in Next.JS

Project name 03

My One Universe




           American life explained

2,  ShopperLady,

          A list network

3,  MyTechnologyHouse,



          eCommerce,  and

4,  MyPersonalOrganizer,

           My information net

5,  MyBusinessOrganizer,

           Business information

See Product Videos of each product section

Access your information by single

Universal QRcode and Auth0 login direct to your account and file information.

This network has four sections each with a domain name used for personal and business information including Internet Entertainment.

This network is full Responsive Web Design for automatically available for computers and hand held devices.

A Full Stack Next.JS network make entirely of hand written Next.JS, TailwindCSS, MegaMenu, and more. 

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