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Welcome to our Music Store !

We Sell Great Musical Instruments !


Hello, my name is James and I am the owner of Good Day Music and the GuitarBranded.Com. music websites. Welcome to my store ! I have been play musicial instruments and recording music since the 70's. This Music Shop started as a Reverb website and been selling instruments every since. I've been in local successful local bands for decades ! I practice, record, and perform every chance I can ! I have a strong passion for music, selling electronics and musical instruments. As a business owner I want to give you the same experience that I would expect from a guitar store. I look forward to doing business with you. 

I got my guitar and I learned how to make it "talk" ! As a percussionist I play a steady 'pulse'. Playing bass I groove rhythms with the drummer ! I am an muti-instrumentalist because music is my passion ! For many years I've been playing music. Now I have my shop and even closer to music since I sell to musicians. I love playing, recording, and listening to music !



I started many years ago when I attended California Institute of Arts and learned to play piano, drums, and mallet instruments such as vibraphone and marimba. Thus I play drums using the standard grip. As a rock-n-roll icon once said, music should speak to you, loud and clear. As a musician who takes pride in music I record my music, that's when you see imperfections and you become a better musician because of it -- play it, record it, and hear it later for years to come. 



GuitarBranded.Com is here to help you find your own unique musical voice through fine new, used, and vintage instruments and electronics as well as amplifiers, recording software and related electronics. With our store you will find fantastic customer service and a terrific vibe. Real people, offering real customer service. We stay with your order until it is filled and you are happy. We are YOUR online source for fine new and used musical instruments. Welcome to GuitarBranded.Com ! Also visit our own full service musical instrument store GoodDayMusic.Com also ! 

We are an independently owned family business that thrives on great customer service and the love of instruments. Our passion is music and also for helping you find that perfect guitar or amplifier you've always wanted, we are second to none. We sell guitars, bass, drums, amplifiers, and pro-audio to folks worldwide who have the knowledge, energy, and the drive to ensure you are getting exactly what you see in our store or your money back. 


Thank you,





Good Day Music / GuitarBranded.Com are music networks of Optical Automation, LLC


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