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James Avakian : An Autobiography


Xamarin Mobile Developer                

I specialize in writing Apple and Android C# / Xcode iOS/Android app applications for four years. I use Xamarin C# and Xcode to produce both Android and iOS apps. Use of C# and Swift language Version 3.0 apps and apps with database websites for mobile access and full size website displays. I create informative, fun, social, and game apps. I use the audio, video, single, tabbed, and Master-slave app applications. I have apps in the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore for Android and Apple phone and tables made by Microsoft Xamarin C# and iOS Swift using Xcode and Xamarin Studio IDE environment for language app creation.


My Social self-summary

I am educated, creative, and likes to have fun. Also I am athletic, want to play ping-pong or tennis and just wants to play ! Let's go to the beach, restaurants, concerts and enjoy what life has to offer !


What I’m doing with my life

I write software, both websites and Apple App Swift software

Socialize and meeting people in my personal life.

I’m really good at

Having fun, adventuring, and enjoying life !

I design and develop Apple iOS Apps for a living.

Art, music, internet, great food and people !


Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

I am good at being kind, having fun, and keeping it together !

I like reading and seeing the Internet, photography, computers, people, and code

Favorite website:

Technology Skills Experience:

SWIFT, Objective C, Xcode, Apple iOS App Development

Laravel, Php / MySql, HTML5 / CSS3 Responsive Webs Website Development

RESTful API by Cocopod library AlamoFire, and SwiftyJSON,  App Website integration

Oauth authentication  by both a) Laravel-Lumen, PhP/MySql, and  App Authentication Backend

  Stormpath and also b) AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, and Stormpath

Swift, Parse database integration, CRUD Table View                               App Backend

JavaScript, Bootstrap, JSON, Node.JS Web Technologies

Jquery, Jquery Mobile, and AJAX Website Development

iOS Mobile App Development

ShopperLady®         TeenShopper™        WebView™                      RealEstateReporter™

TwitterNet™             YourPrivateNet™      GoodDay Music Catalog   SelfieHeaven™

SongWriter™            JokerBank™            VoiceRecorder™              AudioSynthesizer™

VacationPlanner™     MyShooter™ Game   StarWars Ad Game

Website Networks

JamesAvakian.Com                 OpticalAutomation.Com     HouseOfWebs.Com     GuitarBranded.Com          GoodDayMusic.Com

ProAudioBranded.Com             GreatPowerDrinks.Com     DollarDimeStore.Com  

CoolJimmy.Com                      TechnologyAndTimes.Com


GitHub Repository      

Social Media / References

GitHub Repository        


Facebook                     "

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