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Skinny Girls Only !





Really like em, eat um up !


Here's some photos I found on the Internet of people I'd like to date.




Are you a person who is active, loving, and loves life ! Let's go to restaurants, BBQ, go to the beach, listen to music, talk about anything, and a people watcher, and like the outdoors. I would like to meet you if your never want to be alone at the beach, eating dinner, and lives life with real people values and one who has fun. We could be a match !


I am fun, witty, intelligent, articulate, playful, romantic, affectionate, sensual, passionate, down-to-earth, and honest. I have often been told I am easy to talk to because I am good listener. I hope you are a happy, authentic, ikind, loyal, and sincere like me? Are you honest, FUN, intelligent, attractive, considerate, and a good communicator and also a good listener ? I am. Do you have a sense of humor, life is too rigid in our digital world, try and meet me !


I want to settle down somewhere with a person, but never found the right girl. My outlook on life is positive. I am physical, spritual, and open minded. I enjoy creative, inspiring, and spirtual events, that bring people together and inspire conversation. I am looking for a loving and friendly relationship that could be serious forever.


I am forviging, but one ones fool. I know people have self-respect and need I hope you do too.


I like someone to come home to, someone to wake up with, and a significant other to enjoy holidays with and other special times. I never want to be alone and want someone who is ready for love. Onld wounds heal, have lessons learned, baggage checked, and ready to move on.


Let's dress up for an elegant, romantic evening and live life to the fullest ! I live life debt-free, enjoy indulgences in moderation, and stay in good physical shape.





I love to watch movies. I like to cuddle by a fire on a big cozy soft couch in the evenings, and lide to have friends over. I lide to listen to jazz, classical, and rock music. I like to study and draw and also write software, photography, and create Apple iOS including Android app applications. I also like to relax.





Great sense of humor. Integrity. Trustworthiness. Articulate. Educated. Highly intelligent. Attention to detail. Loves life. Good Communicator, talking and listening skills, spelling, grammar, and punction. Good manners. A good kisser. Holding hands and just like being with me.





Big Egos, Dishonesty, Whiners, Complainers, and Emotional unstable...


A picture perfect date!

Ok I can date you the way you are and of course you are photogenic !

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