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An Interview 




BS in Engineering Technology in Electronics from California Polytechnic State University at 

San Luis Obispo, CA. I graduated in June 1986.  Also recently have a Microsoft Xamarin Certificate in App Development from Xamarin University in 2019. 



Where are you from originally?

I was born in Los Angeles, CA, I lived in many places in the state of California, now live in Tarzana, CA.



What was your occupation before now?

I was a remote circuit network Test Technician for Networks of ATT California. My job was to repair T1 circuit in thirteen states from California to New York by computer and telephone. I code the Internet programming using php/MySql, I have nearly fifty websites.



What is your favorite music?

I've been listenting to music since a teenager in the seventies. I liked rock, jazz, and progressive rock. Most favorite bands included Jimi Hendrix, Steely Dan, Boz Skaggs, The Beatles, Joni Mitchel, James Taylor Led Zepplin, Jetro Tull, Pink Floyd, Billy Cobham, and John Mclaughlin. 



When did you first take photographs?

I was looking for a challenge, and liked the idea of combining my passion for music with my professional experience. I was using a film Nikkormat 35 mm camera. I rented many lenses for concert photography in the 70's and now use Sony and Nikon DSLR cameras. I have a passion for photography !


Instruments you play:

I play Drums, Guitar and Bass primarily, but also play a little bit of keyboard and also play Vibraphone. I reinvented myself, by GuitarBranded, I sell instruments and more importantly I produce music by Apple Computer GarageBand software--no musicians needed!


When did you first play drums?

I was teenager playing Thiry-one Flavors ice cream paper cartons, then my friends started a band. We played 50's Rock and Roll during the sixties. I later got a Ludwig oversized bass drum set with Zildjian cymbals.  I later found Paiste to be what Progressive Rock bands, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Led Zepplin, and Yes use them and the sound was unique compared to Zildjians.  



   Looking for a love that wants to stay, one that loves people and my artwork, including my software projects.




Gear you own:

I own a Alesis-Roland Electronic Drumset with Zildjian cymbals. I have multiple guitars, both Fender and Gibson electric and tweleve string Epiphone acoustic,  Fender Jazz Bass, Saxophone, Clarinet, and Bass Clarinet. I mostly play the Rock and Jazz standard instruments, drums, vibraphone, bass, and guitar.  


Future, Want a flat curved screen television and looking for that 4k movie camera, in this format.



Now retired, except I tame the dragon within creatively, I do many things:

I run my own eCommerce music, hardware, and other stores to support my hobbies. I write Internet Software Php/MySql and work contract jobs for companies. I am take photographs of many things, people and action. I produce, play music and record, producing many software applications. 


Thank you,


James Avakian


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