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A ShoppingList App Depot and More !


This network is a shopping list and task app depository with included application entertainment. From our nature, each part of this network have "dot com" names that creates multiple shopping list solutions to prepare for buying items both from the Internet and in stores. The network of websites provide entertainment, personal, and product information designed for all people alike.     


This network provides the luxury of hundreds of titles of apps !


           ShopperLady® Apps                 SnappyList(TM) Apps

           FoodShopper,                              Note Takers,

           DrugStoreshopper,                      Designers,

           OfficeShopper,                             Planners,

           HardwareShopper, and                Housewifes,

           GardenShopper                           Business,

                                                                Mechanics, and

                                                                 More Everyone !

Anyone who needs to remember to buy items, plan life, and more !


These Apple, iPhone, apps have the following components . . .


  •        Table List with photo image cells, notes, and quantity fields,

  •        Still photograpic camera and photo album,

  •        Voice recorder with speed control.


A membership website that makes available apps and news information found and avaialbe as products available to consumers.


Because a single photo represent a thousand words ! These apps just by a list of photos helps to bring info to your mind to servce to remember what to buy, when to buy, items of interest, and ideas from the voice recorder so you can remember to the smallest detail for your life and business !


These were designed for your business so you could make more money for your product and services. These apps are creatively make you more because handheld devices are ingenious computers in your hand. 


These names are domains Interent name addresses, so if you are looking for more information directly go to ShopperLady.Com and more for access !

The ShopperLady®

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