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VoiceLists™   / Speak-n-List™

These apps work by the following secure communications to the database.


By talking into your iPhone, iPad, or Watch,


The display accepts your voice and displays the text from what you said.


By use of voice recognition the iOS app converts it into notes you can read and attach to your ShopperLady And The ProductList Network shopping list, tasks, reminders, and calendarlists !


These apps operate securly to form the following:


    1. Convert voice to text.


    2. Locally store information.


    3. Using Oauth authtentication securly transfer data.


    4. Store data into the personal private account network database.


    5. Display website information by Responsive Webs for app and also without app display on iPhone, iPad, Watch, and your laptop and desktop computer.


Provides a means of taking notes for personal and business needs and for creating shopping lists.



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