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The ShopperLady is a method to create shopping lists and make your life easier !


The apps, database, and information provided by this method helps you to remember to buy items so you can plan to buy them.


The sample app to the left side shows one of the five main databases made for and because of this trademark.


     1.  FoodShopper™


     2.  DrugStoreShopper™


     3.  OfficeShopper™


     4. HardwareShopper™


     5.  GardenShopper™


Take notes, add items, and snap photos of items you want to remember to buy !


These apps are the mainstay for this product. Additional apps and the rest of the network provides a means for your access as long as you can enjoy yourself inside our network.


Have some fun and check out the recipie apps and information relating to products, technology, and your new app world. Enjoy your device and devices, use our software,

remember to take photos, list items, and display them anywhere on your iPhone, iPad, and Watch.


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