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eCommerce Websites


These websites are the most important ! They are like a money machine, allowing you to market items anywhere twenty-four hours a day. You can create a new market per website, create new customers and sell your product by the Internet. Make Business to Business, B2B and Business to Consumers, B2C, eCommerce websites. Use the Internet in ways your competition does not know or still learning to use. In the private of your home or business you can create money all day and all night, the world is a big place and while we are asleep the other side of the world are buying your product. Get the most from your wares ! Let us help your find your market and create more money !



Collect money from selling your product !


Accept payment using PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, and Venmo ! 



Now your have your website with your products people will come to your website because I made it interactive and interesting to look at. With tables of your product and eCommerce your collect your money from sales.



In order to get people to buy your product maximize Internet search engines by advertising. Do you know it is a fact that all the text of your website both the internal programming and external material you write is used to draw your customers into your site. Start by using this simple rules for eCommerce to get the most from your website.



Advertise Your Website


Search engines are where you customers will find your website. On the search results first page and at the top is where people select first. Be up on the top and first by advertising your website. There are many facts about business marketing by using the Internet as a place to sell your items. Follow these simple rules.



The text of a website is searched by the search engines when pointing clients after searching where to go.  The following are items that web authors use so their cleint search will be found by search engines.

        -  HTML Website Title

        -  HTML Metatag, the website description, title, author, and company information

        -  Blogs and their content

Google Adwords


Authors pay Google for specials words that the search engines will look for.





A website that seeds search engines with specials words so search engines will find specific site. WebPosition creates reports when authors comb the Internet by the use of this tool


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