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Standards And Expectations




Produce innovative visual displays and interesting entertainment. Information by is bright, bold, and inspiring. Performance so it is great, different, and exotic. We make systems of Information Technology, Internet, Broadcasting, Science, and Art.  Because people connnect worldwide to the Internet by desktop, tablet, cellphone, and wrist arm band displays and listen to music and video entertainment we have the tools and content material to make life interesting and worth living.



Ramp Up Quickly


Engineers will adapt to every client’s working environment, including gaining access to the appropriate client systems, understanding project/role requirements, team dynamics and workflow. They will begin contributing as a dedicated remote team member as quickly as possible so that the two-week trial can be as productive and efficient as possible.



Adapt To Client's Schedule


Engineers will work during the preferred hours of the clients. Toptal engineers are committed to being a live, remote team member and thus adjust their lifestyles to do so. For example, if the in-house engineers start their workday at 11am PST, our Eastern European Toptal engineers can often start working at 7pm PST and work through the night if that's what the client needs.



Be Responsive


Engineers will respond to all communications quickly via email, chat, Skype, or another preferred client communication channel. Working with Toptal is not like working with someone from Elance, or any similar service. Toptal engineers are live, remote additions to in-house teams. During work hours, they are expected to respond to any client communication within 10 minutes; during non-work, non-sleep hours, they are expected to respond within 3 hours.



Be Reliable


Engineers will maintain a consistent workflow and working style so that clients can always count on them. They are expected to notify clients when they will be away from their computer with a brief explanation as to why and their expected return time, and to check in/out using the client's internal time-tracking tools if required. Like in-house developers, Toptal engineers are expected to give advance notice if they are unable to work on a given day. Reliability in work and communication must be proven every day.



Be Proactive


Engineers will update clients daily on work progress, issues, solutions, and documentation. A client should never have to ask for a status update. Additionally, our engineers should actively identify and offer to do additional work if they get ahead. It is the engineer’s duty to contribute wherever possible, and keep the client up-to-date and informed on every aspect of their work.



Document Work 


Be prepared to save and date all designs. Save and archive all information for now and later submit information to the United States, Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Office. Because our work, including all of yours, is property of the coroporation your contribution to our company provides stability, profits, and a long lasting standing in the world wide national business community.



Communicate Well


Engineers must speak and write in clear, concise, and proper English so that every client feels comfortable collaborating with and delegating work to them.



Work Quickly


Engineers will close tickets, find bugs, and complete all work with maximum efficiency. Toptal engineers are here to accelerate a client's business and product development.



Maintain Quality


Engineers will always prioritize work quality over speed, but they must always take both into consideration.



Constantly Improve


Engineers are expected to continually improve both themselves and their capabilities by:


  • Taking advantage of Toptal's resources such as provided access to Pluralsight

  • Collaboratively solving problems that arise on the job with other engineers in the Toptal network

  • Developing a personal development plan with a mentor engineer

  • Completing supplementary reading materials, engineering projects, competitions, problem sets, etc.

  • Working on Toptal labs projects

  • Building and maintaining a best practices library


Because we set such a high bar for our engineers, we incentivize them to exceed it.






James Avakian, Founder and Developer





"Information At The Speed Of Light"

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