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APP Development

Mobile Programs - iPhone and iPad


Mobile app for handheld note taking camera.

       Voice to Text input,

       Still and 4K Motion Camera

       Access Properties and Network

       Tasks and ToDo Item database

ShopperLady Calendar TaskList

Remember to shop for your specific items.


       Food, Drugstore, Office, Hardware, and Garden          home, office, and business supplies.



Discover your inventoory and accounting.


Privately see all of your departments, from manufacturing, accounting, design, and marketing. See your Human Relations photo album database and view employee records.

Dr. Nerenberg Videos


The Nerenberg Instittute offers many videos

          App display movies.

          Information text display and Text to Speech 

Excercise and Training


Account for the training you perform.

        Select icons of excercises,

               Running, Weight, Pilates, Yoga


         Record Voice to Text of excercises and type

Living Memorial Wall

Grief and people hardships shown here.

       Relate to movie testamonials by Dr. Nerenberg.

James Avakian Photography

Photoworks of my work.

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