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APP Development

Games / Mobile Programs - iPhone and iPad
Squirrel Chase


Game to see who wins you or your Mobile device. Play against your device and others on the network waiting to play.

Adventure Game

Discover new places to see and you develop ways to get to your goal. By a maze and thought processes you decide how to get to the end the fastest compared to your last game !

Dr. Nerenberg Videos


The Nerenberg Instittute offers many videos

          App display movies.

          Information text display and Text to Speech 

Excercise and Training


Account for the training you perform.

        Select icons of excercises,

               Running, Weight, Pilates, Yoga


         Record Voice to Text of excercises and type

Living Memorial Wall

Grief and people hardships shown here.

       Relate to movie testamonials by Dr. Nerenberg.

James Avakian Photography

Photoworks of my work.

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