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A website is text and usually hand written by a progrtammer. Custom components are needed for high performance, more interaction, and for database information storage. Databases require an Internet Host with Server Sided programming such as the Unix system php/MySQL language.  The fastest way to create a standard website is to use a template website model which does not require any programming such as templates.  Information on a Unix host is the secure and all devices shown are part of the Unix operating system. The most popular land is php/MySql, HTML5, and CSS3. It the widest acceptance with 80% of all websites are programed this way, see the figure above and references to Wikipedia.


Many files makeup complete webs. All programmers are familiar with the first page a splash screen and it displays or echos the text "Hello World". This is the introductory information we all know. We have models we abide by and they are mostly databases, even excutable programs for Windows or Mac.  Also we all know Microsoft Windows operating system runs computers and a Mac is an Apple Macintosh model running a version of Unix called OS/X or *"o" "S" ten.


An index or home file is the first page of a website. The index displays the page selector menu and introduction. The menu is written usually in CSS3 and contains the shape objects, hover, and Internet URL links for navigation. The computer serves files to you so you see them and that is called a server side website. HTML alone is text written in its language to display full page text or text to a small display. Then we use Media Queries to adjust the text automatically so we can enjoy them. 


HTML5 is is the markup that display the webpage and CSS3 assists to show parts of the information in special ways, the number indicates the version of the world wide web standard consortium.  Components known as JavaScript, Jquery, Jquery Mobile, and AJAX, are component programming and software objects for websites. They assist the server side php to display information. They automate the hand coding process and assist to require less hand coding. JavaScript assist to create interaction between the user and web browser. Jquery pro


AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and it interacts with HTML5 and CSS3. It does so by automation, which send information to the host computer while your type. both AJAX and Jquery are fast and perform in ways programmers are excited since it allows computers, tablets, and handheld to be secure and fast interactive devices. 


On a webpage the text field on a page, stored on the host computer, the computer automatically transfers the content so you get an instant display of information. The template website we use are from and they create HTML5 websites. When a website is created a cellphone site is automatically created. Both are edited for color, object placement, and object names. iOS is the program language of the iPad and iPhone, Nokia Qt is the programming language for Nokia. Both handheld handsets accept php/MySQL programming from host computers to surf the Internet.  


The other system everyone knows is Microsoft Windows. Their programming language is important since hurdreds of millions of most users uses this computer operating system. But still because is the nearly free and more secure, without viruses, Unix has the world in the most used Internet programming language. Even Microsoft Windows was programmed initially was writtten using The Unix C/C++ standard programming language.


Php and MySql first released in the 1980's, after the C programming was first written. I even attended one of the very first C programming language at the Universitity Of California at Los Angeles College Extension program, UCLA in Westwood, California in 1986.  The latest programming language, releaseed March 2014, known as the Hack Programming Language, owned by Facebook.Com, uses everything PHP except for very few programming code tags and the filename extension. Special Internet webhosts use Unix and Hack language becasue Hack requires a HHVM Internet host computer. Every programmer knows about Unix, C/C++, and Php/MySql, but very few know about HHVM hosts and The Hack language.


The database is a software program by MySql and php requests and displays information. It is our engine to store and retrieve information. Because php/MySQL are supported by Apple Computer it is the operating system Apple Unix know as OS/X that we support for our server sided programming for our database technology. In addition because it is the most secure we use it.




Historical disclaimer:  It was American Telephone and Telegraph, ATT, during the 1960's who wrote Unix, the very first operating system for a tube, not transistor microprocessor computer, named the Uniac. It is the same as Apple Computer Unix and Oracle Unix at the core of its center. Even Linus Torvalis, wrote his own system, Linux is more like Unix, although Microsoft Windows core instructions of MSDOS is Unix commands executed on the command line as text.




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