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Websites for your Computer and HandHeld !


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"Best T-shirts In Town"

A premiere eCommerce website for selling t-shirt clothes on the Internet. Sell your regular, on-sale, and Best sellers on this website. You can reach thousands of people and create many sales.

Dr. Nerenberg Videos !

Check out his lectures, invigorating and interesting !



Our modified eCommerce website, musical instruments and pro-audio ! Our customers think so !


Web Development

From Information gathering, identifying what you want to say and do to developing a complete website. What is your purpose or mission statement ? Create exposure, make money, represent or sell a product a product or service, remember the past, develop a plan for the future.  The first design ideas are system ideas ....  Things such as lines or circles, ovals, type of language, color scheme, purpose, goals and target audience.  Remember anyone anywhere can read this !


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