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Technology Quick List, Item Invention Reference

We benefit from technology, smarter people get more intelligent

Further notable innovation in world available technology 


Tesla, Electric Automobiles and Truck, WorldWide NEW PowerGrid Independence

      from solar power advances and new hypercell batteries, home and vehicle charging.

BMW, Hard Top Convertible,

           Cars are Four Cylinder M Cars Six Cylinder

General Motors, Corvette C8, Mid Engine


Apple, MacPro Desktop, Multiple Video Cards,   

           MacMini, Packed with RAM

           Watches, Great precision

           Language, SwiftUI, add to existing coding language, made simpler !


Windows Computers, Touch Screen

External Drives, Western Digital, G Drives, Super Fast Access

Samsung, Bright edge displays, Watches

Microsoft, Windows best security to date 

          Azure, world wide access  

          Xamarin, C# for iOS and Andriod devices


LG, Worlds best, voted by best !

Samsung, Crystal UHD, Upscaling television video inputs are converted to 4k resolution, automatically

Sony, 8k resolution !


Sony, 61 MP cameras w 4k video

Hasseblad, Cell Phone Camera

Nikon, less than 1.0 fast lenses !

       Mirrorless cameras w 4k video recording.




LG, clear door and computers

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