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The 1800's and early 1900's

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Many factors and driving forces begun the industrial revolution. During this century whether policital or just the genious of several people, the result of many decades of bringing people together was primarily the communication technilogies - telephone as telegraph and the media newspaper and radio transferred information for entertainment and develop at such a rate that at first it was the governemt reigh over people that helped bring this change.

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Space And Telescopes
The Wealthy

It was in 1608 when Hans Lippershey invented the telescope.  He was a Dutch eyeglass maker and stories say he go the idea from children playing with his lenses. Some time later, 1671 that Sir Isaac Newton invented the reflecting telescope. By use of a curved mirror to reflect and focus the light, the length of the telescope was dramatically reduced.   



It was Thomas Edison and his patents, George Eastman, and Randolph Hearst that begun the revolution of this country and ultimate the world transformation from dirt to existing industries the world over.

It was the winning of the west that the United States gave structure to what was Indian land to propsperious states in America. It was New York the doorway to Europeans entering our country and the statehood of California in 1850. 


Beer Anhieser Busch



In 1875 Edison and the U.S. Patent office begun to give value to the most genous people and information libraries of information as patents. It was Edison that led this race to create many patents for the American national telepgraph and telephone company.


In Germany xxx invented the first internal combustible engine as the Diesel engine.


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