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Has Technology Influced you?

Technology Has Influenced Your Life ?

In the 20th century, the average life expectancy shot up 30 years! It was the


greatest gain in 5,000 years of human history. People over a hundred aren't such

an exclusive club anymore, increasing 51% from 1990 to 2000. Aside from


recent Covid-19 pandemic effected patients.


How to account for these dramatic leaps?

Advances in technology, health, education, and disease prevention, and


treatments are high on the list, and that makes sense. But what


you may not know is that seemingly unimportant everyday habits, or


circumstances in your past, can influence how long and how well you'll live.


Even your daily walk, running, or stopping to smoke cigarettes.

America Still Number One, But Everything is Made In China

Yes, more work from an easier way to read it, write it, and distribute it has


helped more people.  The American Gross National Product increased !

Your entertainment benefit increased, just look at the items on this website.

For me personally, just thirty years ago, my professional engineering salary was


$ 30,000.  Just twenty-five years later, a quarter of a century, my salary more


than doubled to $ 70,00.

What happened to the price of American automobiles ?

A USA made General Motors standard Corvette Sting-ray was $ 5,000 now it is

$ 65,000 in the same period of time !!!  


Technology has helped them to make one of the world's best cars ever !

Why is it that items your purchase cost way more, but your income doubles ?

This is why it is important to know why technology has helped and never


benefited you !!!

Technology And Times

James L. Avakian, Engineering Technologist

Optical Automation, LLC

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