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During the 1960's we have the space race, Elvis, Black-White TV, and Black fight for indepence.
As people... As masses of people become legends......
Industry greats,
Les Paul began and forever made one single guitar the Les Paul by Gibson.
Leo Fender,
... The feel good generation ...
The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, ..........hundreds of others,
Bill Gates...


The ever growing empire of


Sony Corporation, Samsung, Apple, great electronics


Steve Jobs Apple Computer and Bill Gates Microsoft

televisions, dishwashers, computers, telephones, devices for people.


they conversion the old blues greats trouble into the trouble of our nation's youth and started us into a whole revolution against the establishment. People agains war, fore free love, and drug entertainment. If was the popular culture of rock music in England and America that greats such as Elvis Presley, Grateful Dead,, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylin, and Jimi Hendrix and the beginnings of the Beatles that was the mid century rise to the music industry and the government institution of money creation evolved to a monster. Due to the polical ties to the music business and war in the 60's public media showed war as a blood bath and music artists gave emotions to it by changing ballads into loud noise accepted by nearly everyone.  

Politics, long hair, and the Summer Of Love

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