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Has technology changed your life ?

Life goes by fast, remember the Beatles, The Hula Hula Hoop and you hae a Cell Phones in your pocket. Protected by intellectual property law, inventors, own this property and  related systems have everyones lives. From the beginning of time everything has upgraded life. Even way before the western civilization, items such as fire, steel, and the wheel effected groups of people all over the world primitive but an advancement to people who did not have it before it was found.


Because of Fire, its energy provided steel production and was a means to provide the invention of the wheel, the automobile, and trains for our ground transportation. Technology has upgraded life especially over the past two hundred years making the United States a major marketing center for the world. As people find new tools people and commerce has changed making life better.

The invention of electricity by Benjamin Franklin, way back in 1875, just after our new state was made California was born and the light bulb. Bur Westinghouse, General Electric, and modern day Tesla corporations all use electricity as if it came from heaven. The transform electrical energy to electro-mechanical machinery rotational and linear movement. As a result your home, business, and everywhere is easier.  As a result smart people and their support companies help give us the power to be great and buy items that make everyday life possible.


Now we live in a digital world with analog systems still at our primary existence and foundation.  Automobiles, television-radio, computers, and social networks have been modified and still changing every day. 

The people behind these computing machines of electronics hardware and software personalization, the industry manufacturers and service providers refine the process so consumers get great products. This takes TIME.

Thus the efficiency and usefulness is offset by TIME we spend to acquire these, overall it is worth the effort and cost. The end result are computing communications devices with sensors, voice, and cameras that capture and give is life and that is fantastic !

The funny part of all of this, the people who complain about having to learn, is that same people who demand and control people from their behavior can't stand giving patience to machines that in the long run will help them perform live better !


Basically if people are forced into using technology because from its practical need for creating transactions more and more people see a need to learn to use computers. Some people are foreced to learn, even if they do not want to. What has technology done for you? done to hurt your and the world ? has it helped to insure everyone has more privacy ? We hope and in turn humanity has benefitted from Technology.

thank you for the great technology,

James L. Avakian, Engineering Technologist

Optical Automation, LLC