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Search Engine Optimization




















What is SEO and Why Do I Need It?


If you are like many business owners you have heard of SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Its the latest buzzword in the industry, but is it real ? People get to your money making website using a Search Engine.  Your visitors find your website from Search Engines !


Get top ranking results from search engines !


You are busy trying to keep your business running, getting products and ideas, so you can have a great product. I will give you the bottom line here and you can read more below if you’d like. 


Bottom line: Search Engine Optimization is a combination of the critical success factors of your website – both on the site itself and other properties on the Internet that relate to your site – that Google looks for when it is ranking websites in search. If you get these parts right, you move to the front of the line – the top ranking spots on the front page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more.  If you get any one of these parts wrong you rank lower ! That means no you don't land on the first page and low rankings, no exposure to the potential flood of customers, lost sales and lost profits.


It is the COMBINATION of these critical success factors that rank your website. We are experts in getting this combination of the critical success factors of your website to move you to the top of search rankings for your market and business.  If you want to learn more about what these Critical Success Factors for search engine marketing are, read on…



Content Is King


One of the main factors for your website is the content. Many “experts” say it is ONLY content that is key; that is simply NOT TRUE. In fact, we have ranked websites with little to NO CONTENT. That being said, the more relevant, useful content you have on your website that relates to your product and service, the greater your chances for ranking higher in search engines.


Where the rubber meets the road when it comes to content is not only does your content need to be relevant and useful, it must be written in such a way to “lead a visitor by the hand” to take an action. Having a website that people come to visit, hang around and then leave without asking for more information via sharing their email address, calling you or buying something is worthless.


This kind of content is called Direct Response copywriting and we have been trained by some of the top Internet marketing copywriters in the world for the last ten years. Our copywriting skills have directly contributed to over half a million dollars in sales in various industries. We know how to produce content that is relevant, useful and spurs people to take action.


Web Design & Structure


How your site is designed behind the scenes is critical to how search engines see your website and business. There are actually TWO parts to your website appearance; there is the part of the website you see when you look at the screen and then there is the part BEHIND what you see that CREATES the picture on your screen. The search engines actually read the part you DO NOT see.


On-Page Optimization


This is one of the parts behind the scenes of your website. There are parts called titles, descriptions and headings that tell the search engines what your page and website are about. There is a certain way you want these to be formatted for maximum optimization in the rankings. If you get these incorrect, there is simply no chance for your website to rank well in Google compared to a competitor who is structured properly.


Off-Page Optimization

The second part of rankings is what and how many other websites are referring or pointing to your website (also called linking or back linking). The more sites that are relevant to your site and your marketplace that are linking to you tells Google you are a trusted site and relevant to the search terms you are targeting. We are experts in getting the right kind of sites linking to yours.


Fresh Content


The search engines like relevant, useful content that is also timely. The Big G wants to see a site that is live and constantly updating. We will show you how to do this or we can even create it for you. Once we know your market and business, we will get you optimized in no time at all.


Search Engine Marketing Tools


We have invested thousands and thousands of dollars and countless hours of time into building

the expertise and tools necessary to make sure we can build a custom online marketing plan just for your business. Nowhere else can you find the blend of offline and online marketing expertise under one roof, designing complete marketing systems that run almost on autopilot.


World Class Search Engine Optimization Network

We stay on the cutting edge of what is working in digital marketing and SEO because we are trained by and networking with some of the top SEO experts in the world. We meet weekly with these SEO leaders and discuss strategy and what’s working right now in hundreds of markets across the world.


By being networked and studying with these thought leaders, we stay ahead of the changes that routinely happen in Internet marketing. When updates or potential changes are implemented, we are already ahead of the curve and helping our customers adjust to the new strategies and tactics to rank online.

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